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Empowerment Tools for People Making a Difference
Life coaches, social workers, therapists, counselors, ministers, teachers, authors, singers, healers, motivational speakers
... everyone in a position to teach, inspire, empower or lead.

Heartful Art is about giving you the words to say what's in your heart to the people you love.
Heartful Art is about providing tools for you to use in your work.
Whether through our words, your words, or the words of other wise and inspiring people throughout history, Heartful Art can visually assist you in effecting positive change and lasting results in the population you are working with.

Here are some of the many empowering ways people like you have used Heartful Art to assist with Making a Difference:

Nutrition Within - Seminar tools for participants of workshop on self-healing - I am loving myself healthy” magnets
Rehl Financial Advisors - Client gifts and Donor gifts - Gratitude” magnet for clients of Rehl Financial Advisors and “Grace” magnet for donors to the Grace Mission Endowment Fund
Mrs. Green - 3rd Grade Teacher - “Read, Think, Check” magnets for all the children in her class
Renew Wellness Center - promotional postcard created with a purple heart, spiral and the word “Renew” on front side and their logo and contact information on backside
Middle East Peace Conference for Women - What would you do if you knew you could not fail” magnet given to 50 Arabic women and 50 Israeli women at the end of the conference
Indiana School of Nursing - Daniel Pesut, President of the Honor Society of Nursing - Included “A Life Wish” in final 2005 convention address, in “Reflections on Nursing Leadership” and gifted 1,500 nurses with “A Life Wish” postcard
Well-Being Massage Therapy - client gifts - Choice of four magnets: “I am embracing my life today”, “Breathe in Breathe out”, “Each day a new beginning” or “I am taking care of myself today
New Vision Spiritual Growth Center - created a magnet with Raphaella's rendition of the church logo and the church vision statement - “Love awakens the heart and transforms lives” and... created ten custom magnets with quotes of Senior Minister, Dr. Michelle Medrano for fundraising opportunity as resale in their church bookstore - Click here to see them all (then think of who in your organization would like their quotes made into Heartful Art products)
Marriage Proposal - We created five magnets with husband-to-be's own poetry which, at the end of the day and when put all together, asked the question , “Will you marry me?” - She said Yes!
Brightsongs - Lyrics of Lorna Bright music on magnets for resale and promotions - her own words
Seaside Church of Religious Science - Created a custom version of a Heartful Art magnet with the church logo embedded in the heart - I am loving you today, always and in all ways
Memorial magnet to celebrate the life of Jared Carlos Lujan - “Thank you Lord for this wonderful day” (Eleven years old when he passed over, Jared greeted every day this way) - backside label included his picture and dates of birth and death.
Woodland Hills Father-Daughter Valentine Dance - favors two years in a row. Father and Daughter” magnets in 2006 and in 2007, “You are my sunshine” prints with sun and sunflower - both had backside labels with dance logo and date of the event.

Wedding favors, corporate gifts... and many, many more amazing uses for Heartful Art in your world.

What can we do for you?

If you don't find what you're looking for in our online store (with over 1,500 products to choose from), we can create something for you - using your own words, quotes of people you admire, words and/or images that speak the essence of your work to the people you want to reach.

Click here for examples of backside labels offered at no additional charge to assist you in furthering your work, celebrating success, and/or promoting your business
Click here for a printable order form of page 1 of Raphaella's Empowerment tools for Teachers.
Who you are and what you do truly does matter.
Remember, the possibilities are endless.

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