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Raphaella in the tundra at the top of Trail Ridge Drive in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA “In our hearts we are one heart”
- Raphaella Vaisseau

Links to individuals, companies and organizations furthering
global unity, individual integrity, and environmental responsibility

I am worthy
Oprah Winfrey is making a difference in the lives of millions of people every day. The Oprah Show and “O: The Oprah Magazine” offers tools for increasing personal integrity, self-esteem, quality of life and relationships. I am consistently inspired by Oprah. On her home page at www.oprah.com, click on the link to "Start Making a Difference" if you have questions about finding your passion or starting your own project.
Real people are changing their lives and in the process, changing the world.
I am taking action in my life today
Operation HOPE, Inc. is an urban economic empowerment organization founded by John Bryant following the civil unrest of April 29, 1992 in Los Angeles.
I am whole and complete
Healthful Living - Founded by Julie and Martin Matthews to expand individual options for well being by providing education and practitioners who engage the inherent health and healing abilities of mind, body, and spirit
. Also, Reality Sandwich - A weekly radio show that takes an innately curious and meaningful look at how “we” are doing in various important areas that affect our collective well being.
Heartful Art's Raphaella Vaisseau was a guest on Reality Sandwich - June 8th, 2006. To listen, click on Archives and scroll down to June 8th, then click "Listen here"
With gratitude, I am gaining in greater understanding day after day
Econosystems - provides entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent consultants with strategic economic and market information for use in business decision making and long-term planning. Keeping your company on track and informed.
Anne Ramstetter Wenzel, owner of Econosystems, is an economist, market research consultant and established business writer who makes business planning easy for her clients. Ms. Wenzel helps her clients identify who is most likely to buy their products or services, then creates business planning documents that give focus and direction to their businesses. Econosystems' clients gain peace of mind knowing that their business markets and strategies have been well researched and documented, allowing them to focus their creative energy on maintaining their competitive advantage and meeting the day to day needs of their customers.
I am expressing joy and gratitude today
The Fair Trade Federation is an association of fair trade wholesalers, retailers, and producers whose members are committed to providing fair wages and good employment opportunities to economically disadvantaged artisans and farmers worldwide.
I am committed to making a difference
Action Network (Environmental Defense), Take Action (World Wildlife Fund, Inc.), and Working For Change are three effective ways to make your voice heard.
I love our planet Earth. I am consciously increasing my awareness day after day of how my actions can help protect and nurture our world and all living things.
www.OneEarth.org is actually ECO (Earth Communications Office). ECO's mission is to “use the power of communication to improve the global environment.” Included on their site is a directory of environmental organizations in your home town and around the world.
The pubic service announcements (more like short films) I've seen are beautifully produced.
ECO tags include, “It's not just a planet, it's home.” “Do something. Anything.”
One person can make a difference.
I am empowering myself and becoming more of who I want to be by keeping my word to myself today
SelfGrowth.com - an online guide to information about personal growth.
When David Riklan started building SelfGrowth.com over 10 years ago, he had a simple mission: to provide quality information about great resources for people to improve their lives. His philosophy was simple. There is no “one secret” to success. What works for one person may not particularly work for the next. Explore this wealth of information to find more of what works for you.

I am taking care of myself today
The Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies is the academic branch of the United Church of Religious Science.
The Holmes Institute is dedicated to supporting ministers, teachers and spiritual leaders of Science of Mind who have committed their lives to cultivating spiritually grounded communities throughout the world where students immerse themselves in the great spiritual teachings of the world, and learn a real-world practice of ministry.
I am advancing and progressing on all levels every day
The University of Santa Monica is a private graduate school offering Master's degrees in Spiritual Psychology; Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Spiritual Psychology; and Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing
The University of Santa Monica is dedicated to establishing the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology worldwide through the process of Soul-Centered Education. Students travel from all over the world to participate in USM's unique Masters Degree Programs -- education that's relevant, heartfelt, experiential, practical, and transformational.

We are one

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