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Autumn Vortex print - Heartful Art by Raphaella Vaisseau
Autumn Vortex print - Heartful Art by Raphaella Vaisseau Quantity in Basket: None
Code: P1616-2
Price: $50.00
Shipping Weight: 1.75 pounds
Please select size:
8x8 = $20.00 total
12x12 = $35 total
16x16 = $50 total (shown)
10x10 giclee = $125 total
12x12 giclee = $180 total
14x14 giclee = $245 total
16x16 giclee = $300 total
20x20 giclee = $500 total
23x23.675 giclee = $679 total
24x24 Canvas = $900 total
27x27 giclee = $911 total
30x30 giclee = $1125 total
40x40 giclee = $2000 total
Please select mat color:
Contrasting, bold, vibrant
Conservative, match print
White, off white, pastel
Artist Select Mat
N/A Giclee print
Print of an original painting, Autumn Vortex, by Raphaella Vaisseau, available with mat in three sizes. Also available as a limited-edition collectible giclee archival print, unmatted in ten sizes.
Note: Allow a two-week turnaround for larger giclee prints and/or canvas.

The original painting was started in 1997 as Raphaella prepared to leave Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being a self-supporting artist. She worked on Autumn Vortex throughout the three years she spent in Ashland, Oregon. She had painted another, smaller floral spiral ten years before, Creation, and felt inspired to do a second one when she found a source in Canada for large square watercolor paper. She considers this painting her masterpiece and hopes it will hang in a museum one day.

When viewing this painting in the gallery, people often ask Raphaella where she begins a painting of this complexity. She explains, "Knowing I was creating a large spiral of color, I began with the back layer. I then moved forward, adding layer upon layer, balancing as I worked, until it was complete. Painting is meditative to me, rather than a task. I love the process of unfoldment that comes with creation. My job is simple: breathe in and breathe out, and enjoy the process. Color is joy."

Autumn Vortex is a bold, colorful spiral of autumn leaves and foliage, painted entirely of layered watercolor.

If matted, please let us know if you have specific preferences for color of mat. Note: Giclee prints are unmatted.

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