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Greeted Gifts

Catalog - a sampling of Heartful Art with words, which you may augment with selected pages below


Magnets by the Dozen - 2 pages of magnets listed in groups of 12 for easy ordering
Magnets - Bestsellers -
6 pages of thumbnails of magnets that sell fast
Magnets - Qualities - 3 pages of magnets with single words for contemplation
Magnets en Español - Magnets in Spanish (same designs as posters and quote prints with mat)
Portuguese Magnets - Magnets in Portuguese (same designs as posters and quote prints with mat)


Posters - Small (5" x 7") - Click here to browse small posters in the online store
Posters - Medium (8-1/2" x 11") Click here to browse medium posters in the online store
Posters - Large (11" x 14") - Click here to browse large posters in the online store

New Thought

Henry David Thoreau - magnets, posters & quotes with words of Henry David Thoreau
Ernest Holmes - magnets, posters & quotes with words of Ernest Holmes
Roger Teel - magnets, posters & quotes with words of Roger Teel, Sr. Minister at Mile Hi Church, Denver, CO
James Dillet Freeman - magnets, posters & quotes with Prayer for Protection and I Am There
Lorna Bright - magnets and matted quotes with lyrics from Lorna Bright's cds and songbooks
Liesa Leggett Garcia - magnets, posters & quotes with words of Liesa Leggett Garcia, Minister at Lakeside Community Church, Reno, NV
Michelle Medrano - magnets, posters & quotes with words of Michelle Medrano, Sr. Minister at New Vision Spiritual Growth Center, Scottsdale, AZ
Michele Whittington - magnets, posters & quotes with words of Michele Whittington, Sr. Minister of the Creative Living Fellowship, Phoenix, AZ

New Age

Namaste - Yoga - magnets, posters & quotes for people who love yoga and Zen
Rumi - Hafez - magnets, posters & quotes featuring Rumi and Hafiz
Kahlil Gibran - magnets, posters & quotes featuring Kahlil Gibran
Nichiren Buddhism - magnets, posters & quotes featuring Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


Scripture of the Holy Bible - magnets, posters & quotes with Biblical scripture


Recovery - magnets, posters & quotes in support of recovery
Marriage and Family - magnets, posters & quotes for families and relationship
Weddings - magnets, posters & quotes for wedding favors and gifts
Teachers, Coaches, Motivators - magnets, posters & quotes to support you in supporting others
Native American - magnets, posters & quotes featuring tribal wisdom

Acrylic on Canvas

Hearts Acrylic on canvas, watercolor on paper, originals and prints
Gardens Acrylic on canvas, watercolor on paper, originals and prints
Abstracts Acrylic on canvas, watercolor on paper, originals and prints

Art Prints

Flowers - prints of flowers in watercolor
5x5 miniature prints - hearts, flowers, gardens, abstracts - with envelope
Symbols - Prints of Om, cross, Star of David, spirals, etc.
Giclée Prints - limited edition, archival prints on watercolor paper


Display Options - spinners for magnets and quotes, baskets for posters, wall displays, etc.

Note: Three by Three magnet boards are now available at Heartful Art

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